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Loved-up Aussies are spending $1.6 billion on secret purchases behind their partner’s back, according to new market research, including on adult entertainment and clothes shopping.


According to comparison site Finder, 2.7 million Australians hide purchases from their partner, spending roughly $588 per month in secret.


Breaking this down further, men are sneaking more than double what women are, with men spending $807 per month on secret purchases while women hiding roughly $366 a month from their partners.


Money expert at Finder Bessie Hassan believes that discussing spending habits with your partner might depend on the stage of the relationship.


“If you’re merging finances and moving in together, you’ll probably need to have a conversation about money and spending habits,” she said.


“After all, if you plan on buying a home together down the track, both your credit scores will be considered. If your partner has a bad credit score, it’ll impact your borrowing power as a couple.”


What are these hidden purchases?

Of the secret spending, the most common purchases for Australians are hiding clothes at 38 per cent, guilt food being 32 per cent, gambling 26 per cent and shoes being 18 per cent.


Rounding out the list are pub sessions/alcohol, cigarettes, adult entertainment and narcotics, with the remaining 8 per cent being unknown.


How are they hiding these purchases?

Most Australians are using cash for their guilty pleasures as a way to keep the transaction off the record. A further 26 per cent are using debit cards while 24 per cent have put it on the credit card.


“Using cash does suggest some Aussies are going the extra mile to cover their tracks. But if you’re going to be merging finances — and lives — with your partner, they’ll find out sooner or later if you’re splashing cash behind their back,” Ms Hassan said.