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One of the key parts of financial advice is estate planning services

Most people believe that estate planning starts and ends simply with a will. In reality it is far more complex than this. Estate planning looks at how you manage your personal, family and business affairs while you are alive and after you pass away.

There are a range of tools we utilize alongside our team of specialist estate planning lawyers to develop a plan to provide:

  • Peace of mind to both you and your family
  • Protection to your hard earned assets in the case of business failure and death
  • Efficiency and certainty in tax management when you pass away for your family
  • Protection in case of life critical events such as divorce

At the SWU Group, we offer estate planning packages which includes advice, design and implementation all in one engagement to ensure all elements are covered to provide you the peace of mind and removing the headache of doing it all yourself.

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POAs, Enduring Guardianship, AHDs

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