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When seeking finance for your business, it’s important to compare your options to find the best fit for your needs. Three common methods are invoice finance, line of credit, and business loans.

Invoice finance – Invoice finance allows businesses to leverage outstanding invoices for immediate cash flow.


  • Competitive interest rates: Invoice finance offers can offer lower interest rates compared to lines of credit.
  • Adaptability: The financing grows with your business based on the value of outstanding invoices, ensuring a consistent cash flow.

Line of credit – Similar to a credit card for businesses, a line of credit provides a revolving credit limit for withdrawals up to the approved maximum. Interest is paid only on the amount used, offering flexibility.


  • Flexibility: Access to funds as needed, suitable for managing cash flow fluctuations.
  • Revolving credit: As credit is repaid, the available limit increases, allowing ongoing access to funds.

Business loans – Business loans offer a fixed lump sum upfront repaid over time with interest. They are often ideal for specific, one-time expenses.


  • Fixed funding: Suitable for distinct business purposes.
  • Long-term funding: Longer repayment terms for spreading costs.