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The spring is usually the most active time to buy and sell real estate in Australia, however, buying in the winter months can present some advantages and help you get an early start.

This year, we are already seeing the number of listings and auctions begin to rise as confidence is returning to the market after a period where interest rates have risen sharply.

For those looking to buy or sell, here are some reasons why winter might be the perfect time this year.

Less competition and better deals

One of the biggest advantages for sellers in winter is the lower supply of properties on the market. With fewer listings available, sellers have the opportunity to attract a more focused and captive audience of buyers. This can lead to less competition for properties and potentially better deals for both parties.

Timing is not as crucial

In the past, sellers and buyers may have preferred to wait until spring to make a move. However, the real estate market has evolved, and the seasons are no longer as critical in determining the best time to buy or sell.

In some areas, there may be a continuous demand for properties throughout the year due to factors like population growth and immigration.

Often, the best time to buy a property is when you are ready to do so and have the finances in place. While sellers are most of the time selling for personal reasons such as needing to upgrade or downgrade. This is often more important that trying to market their properties later in the year.

Increased seller commitment

Selling in winter can attract more committed sellers. Those who list their properties during the colder months are usually determined to make a sale, which can work to the buyer’s advantage. Sellers are more likely to be open to negotiations and meeting the market, which could result in more reasonable prices for potential buyers.

Seasonal home appeal

Winter can also be a great time to showcase certain properties in their best light. Homes with features that are particularly attractive during colder months, like a cosy fireplace or inviting interiors, can have a higher emotional appeal to buyers.

On the flip side, properties with features that might be more suitable for warmer weather, such as large outdoor spaces or pool areas, might be better suited to market in spring or summer.