About Us

 Simon Wu



The SWU Group is a boutique multi-family office focused on a co-investment and co-strategy model to achieve financial success for busy families to ensure wealth preservation for multiple generations. We are here to provide stewardship with regards to all aspects of your financial life and well-being.

Founded in 1986 by Simon Wu, the business has been serving the Australian community for over 30 years. In a world where service levels are deteriorating, our key goal is focused on two simple questions:

How can we help you make your life easier?

How can we help you enjoy life more?

As the years have progressed, we’ve grown from simply being a public practice accounting firm to include financial advice, estate planning and credit.

Most firms want to simply cater for high net worth individuals (HNWI) but regular families face the same challenges including:

  • No time to handle ones finances
  • Feeling confused as to how to efficiently structure finances
  • Worries about protecting your hard earned assets for both yourselves and your next generation
  • How to secure one’s retirement and maintain the lifestyle you want
  • Completing your tax reporting obligations on time (whether it be for yourself or your company)

Have you taken our financial wellbeing health check to see which of these services can help you?

As part of the SWU Group, we offer the full range of services catered for your lifestyle:

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